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Creative Rent-A-Sitter VS. Online Agencies

The internet can be a valuable tool for many goods and services. But there are times that there is no substitute for in person, one on one interaction. The care and welfare of your children is paramount and should never be left to choosing a provider from a web based referral service. Creative Rent-A-Sitter has been helping thousands of families with their childcare needs since 1981, and we're proud of it! We do it the old fashioned way…face to face, personal and always with the customer's best interest in mind.

  1. Applicant Qualifications
    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
    On Line Service - Applicants are often as young as 17 years old.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - All applicants must have prior childcare experience and must furnish recent references.
    On Line Service - Applicants often have little or no experience.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - All applicants must personally present a valid picture ID- passport, drivers license to verify identity.
    On Line Service - Because there is no personal meeting with applicant, confirming identification is impossible to establish.

  2. Prospective Childcare Provider Screening Process
    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - ALL applicants must submit to an in depth “in person” interview conducted by a qualified placement counselor.
    On Line Service - There is no “in person” contact interview with applicants Applicants e mail or fax their information to the service. No additional screening is done.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - Applicants references are thoroughly reviewed and verified for accuracy and authenticity.
    On Line Service - Any references received are not checked, verified or authenticated.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - All applicants are subjected to a detailed criminal and DMV background check conducted by a licensed investigative agency. This report is made available to customer at no additional expense.
    On Line Service - No independent background check on applicants is performed.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - Less than 50% of all applicants pass CRS's rigorous screening process. Only the most qualified applicants are accepted for placement.
    On Line Service - Virtually all applicants are accepted for placement.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - Will secure perfect sitters for the customer from numerous surrounding communities at no additional fee.
    On Line Service - Customer only receives referrals from sitters in two adjacent zip codes, and must pay an additional charge per zip code to access caregivers from other areas.

  3. The Hiring and Payment Process
    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - No advance or up front fees are ever charged to the customer until applicant is actually hired.
    On Line Service - Customer must pay an up front registration fee by credit card to access information on prospective applicants. These sites are often not secure, so credit card information may be compromised.

    Creative Rent-A-Sitter - Customers pay a one time placement fee. No other charges are ever assessed.
    On Line Service - Customer pays an ongoing, periodic fee to access the site.

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